Texas Lovable Chihuahuas


We are a small AKC breeder of long and smooth coat chihuahuas born and bred in Texas. Our chihuahua puppies are raised with lots of tender loving care.

If you never had a chihuahua then you don’t know what you have been missing…….

They are cute, sweet, cuddly, alert, cheerful, fearless and confident with swagger of a much bigger dog, self-reliant, very loyal, devoted, charmingly sassy, funny, tons of personality and snuggles.

“They are so LOVABLE”

Updated: 07/12/2024

Yes, we have teenagers and adult dogs!

  All Puppy litters are posted on the Available Puppies section.

We offer Pets ONLY.

***Texas Lovable Chihuahuas retains the right to choose and refuse any sale for any reason for my dogs/puppies. Also, Texas Lovable Chihuahuas retains the right to refund a deposit and terminate a sale for any reason.***